How To Host A Wedding Shower In La Grange, IL

Photo: Hosting a Wedding Shower and Catered EventIf you’re planning a wedding shower in the La Grange area, you’re probably wondering how to make the event truly memorable. Whether you’re concerned with catering, guest favors, or just the simple rules of etiquette, the only real goal is that your bride and groom have a shower they’ll love. Here we’ll break down some of the basics from etiquette to guest list to venue — a comprehensive checklist of tasks, but feel free to add your personality to it to make it fun and enjoyable for the guests. If they love music, include it. If they love games, absolutely plan some. And above all else, make sure the food and drinks are delicious and plentiful.

Wedding shower setup at La Buona Vita

Old or New: Proper Etiquette for Hosting a Bridal Shower

If you’ve never hosted a shower before, you might be worried that you’ll upset some of the more old-fashioned guests. After all, your grandmother’s social behavioral norms are probably far different from your own. Here’s a quick run down of the old and the new:

  • Who Can Host – Once upon a time, it was thought to be completely improper for the bride’s family to host. Traditionally, the duty falls to the Maid of Honor, but many wedding parties have multiple hosts. The bridal party may all go in as co-hosts to help with costs. The bride or groom’s family can also host the shower. The only real rule of etiquette now is that the bride can’t throw her own shower – and really, she shouldn’t have to.
  • Guest List – Traditionally, the guest list for bridal showers was once women only. The only man in attendance was the groom (and he usually didn’t want to be there). Today, many showers include both men and women. It can be as large or intimate as you’d like but everyone at the shower should also be invited to the wedding.
  • Invitations – Many people prefer paper invitations, but the choice is really up to the host. Guests should have ample time to reserve the date – at least 6 weeks to 2 months.

Checklist to Make Your Wedding Shower Memorable

Hosting a wedding shower for your best friend or loved one is a big responsibility. Here are some tips to make sure your day goes wonderfully.

Pick the Venue – You can host the occasion at a home with catering or choose a favorite restaurant/banquet hall for your event. Oftentimes, hosting at a restaurant such as La Buona Vita can be far more convenient.

Choose the Menu – The menu can be as casual or elegant as you desire. It’s always a nice touch to include something special for the bride, like a favorite dish or cocktail/drink.

overhead shot of delicious looking appetizers

What’s the Theme? – Showers are traditionally more casual than the wedding. You can choose a fun theme for the event if it’s something the bride and groom would like, you can even theme the gifts for couples who don’t need traditional home supplies.

Party Favors – Guests at a shower traditionally receive favors, or small gifts. This can be used as a table setting to organize seating or you can keep the party favors on a table for guests to take as they leave the event.

Delegate tasks – Showers can go fast and need some organization. Make sure you ask bridesmaids to help with tasks, such as creating the ribbon bouquet from the gift wrapping or writing down the bride’s gifts so she can more easily keep track of thank you notes.

Are You Hosting a Wedding Shower in La Grange?

If you’re hosting a wedding shower in the La Grange area, La Buona Vita Restaurant offers an exceptional private dining area and wonderful menu for the perfect occasion. If you prefer to host the event in your home, our catering service is available so that you can enjoy the same delicious meal in the setting of your choice. Contact us today to discuss your next event!

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