Summer Trends with Craft Cocktails

Photo: Summer CocktailsNothing says summer quite like enjoying your favorite craft cocktails with friends during an evening out. Whether you’re heading to your favorite restaurant or sipping your favorite cocktail creations under the stars, you’ll want to switch up to something that really captures the season. The good news is that summer may mean lighter and healthier, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego taste and full bodied flavors. Today’s latest craft cocktails for the summer season offer the best of your favorite types of alcohol, dressed up with only the freshest of ingredients for a delicious vacation from your day.

Some Summer Choices for Your Drinking Pleasure

  • Craft Beers. Craft beers have become a steady favorite over the past few years with no real end in sight. There’s always something new to try and the tastes range from heavy and dark to light and citrus filled. Whether you have an old standard, like Peroni or Stella Artois, or you like to mix it up with new choices each time, a craft beer offers a great variety to your summer evening entertainment.
  • A Mule. The traditional Moscow Mule is made with Ginger Beer, Vodka, and fresh lime. While they are quite popular and offer a great light drink for a hot night, La Buona Vita offers a number of different takes on this drink to tempt any palate. They include a Jack Mule with Jack Daniels, a Tuscan Mule, an Orange Italian Mule, and a Berry Mule with a choice of your favorite berry flavors.
  • A Bitter Handshake. This kick of a summertime cocktail is made with Rye Whiskey and features the taste of blood oranges for that authentic Sicilian citrus fan.
  • LBV Italian Margarita. You can have a Margarita anywhere, but this Italian take on the old classic will become your new absolute favorite. With the warm taste of Disoronna to complement traditional Patron, it’s a taste you’ll equate with being kissed by the sun.
  • Martini. Your traditional Martini is always a classic choice. While you might decide on a Cosmopolitan, Appletini, or your standard Dirty Martini, you might also choose a new take on this old favorite, with a wide variety of heavier dessert flavored martinis to set the mood or a Lemoncello Martini for the perfect cap to a great summer evening.

Looking for Great Craft Cocktails in La Grange?

If you’re looking for the best selection in innovative craft cocktails, new craft beers, or fantastic wine, look no further than La Buona Vita. With a stunning selection of your favorite tastes, our seasoned staff can mix you a new concoction to tempt your taste buds and recommend some of the best pairings for any meal you might choose.

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